Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinners

Besides the obvious as a time for giving thanks to God for all of our blessings, Thanksgiving means different things to different people. Some people spend the day watching football. Others spend the day perusing Black Friday sale ads. For me, it’s all about the food. I love to entertain and I love to cook. More than that, I love to eat!

When I was a child we would spend every Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house. She would fix enough food to feed an army. One of her specialties was cole slaw, which she made special for me. And then there were the rolls… My job was to put butter on the tops before she put them in the oven.

However, not all Thanksgiving dinners from my past were so pleasant. One year, after my husband and I were married, we were planning a huge Thanksgiving dinner with our family. We had family coming from all over. I was so looking forward to cooking when one relative had a great idea. He suggested we all go out to eat. Although I was a little disappointed, I went along with it. After all, the restaurant was a decent one.

But then…two days before Thanksgiving, someone had the brilliant idea of changing restaurants. Dinner ended up being horrible! The restaurant was no more than a truck stop. A truck stop probably would have been better.

The family members that were staying at our house along with my husband and I, entertained ourselves by playing with our food, and I use the term “food” loosely. Chicken livers aren’t food at all as far as I’m concerned, no matter how much gravy you put on them. They are good for bouncing across the table and cat food, however.

Fortunately for us, I had a turkey sitting in my fridge at home. The next day, those in my house had an actual Thanksgiving dinner, which was soooo much better than what the truck stop had to offer.

Now, many years later, the family members that stayed with us that weekend, still laugh about the horrible food.

Having a true, home cooked Thanksgiving dinner is something for which I am truly thankful. Spending it with people I love, even if the food is bad, is something else I will never take for granted.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Parents Say the Darndest Things!

We can all think of things our parents said that as children we always thought were silly statements to make. Let’s face it, now that we are parents, we find ourselves saying exactly the same things. We’ve even added some new silly statements of our own.

This is the one I heard today that brought all these memories to mind:

“Repeat after me…We do not eat boogers!” (I’m not sure I want to know what instigated this conversation!)

“I’m gonna knock your heads together!” (Never knew a parent that actually did that.)

“Do you want me to knock your teeth out?” (Like parents really want to pay more for dental care!)

“Do you want me to come out/up there?” (The obvious answer would be “No.”)
“Tell him you’re sorry!” (But what if he isn’t sorry? Just because you make him say it doesn’t mean he is.)

“You act like you were raised in a barn!” (I know kids who were raised in barns and believe me, they act like it.)

“Were you raised by wolves?” (In a child’s mind, that would be the coolest thing ever!)

“Do you want to go live with another family?” (Probably at the time you said this, living with another family probably seemed like a good option.)

“Are you sitting on your brain?” (Really? Did it move?)

“Do you want to go outside and eat with the dogs?” (Of course they do! No table manners are required and the dog can eat their broccoli.)
And…times have changed. One thing I find myself saying an awful lot is:

“Stop shooting/killing your sister!” (Any parent who has video games in the household understand this.)

What about you? What silly statements can you remember your parents saying? Feel free to add them via the comments block.