Friday, December 13, 2013

Tweerpie and the Green M & M’s

To get you all in the Christmas mood this Flashback Friday, here is a little Christmas story from the past involving my brother and one of my sisters.
For some reason, Billy always held a special place in his heart for Sarah. Maybe it was because she was the youngest and he was the oldest. I really don’t know.
Anyway, Sarah loved it when M & M’s came in a new color: green. She would always pick out as many green ones as she could find. We all let her because she couldn’t have been more than three or four years old. She was cute then.
One day all the green M&M’s began disappearing! It seemed like there were hardly any, if any at all, in the bags that Grandma brought us. Most of us didn’t think too much about it; we just wanted candy. Chocolate was a staple in our house. More and more bags had only one or two green candies in them. Mom said that they probably didn’t make a whole bunch because they were new and green M&M’s were a novelty.
Time went by and no more thought was given to the green M&M’s. 
At least until Christmas day.
We were all busy unwrapping our gifts when we heard Sarah scream a happy scream. We all looked in her direction. Billy was sitting next to her with a beaming smile on his face. Sarah held a canning jar full of green M&M’s in her hands.
Billy, with mom’s permission, had first dibs on the bags of M&M’s. He had picked out all of the green ones and saved them for Sarah’s present.
This was truly one of those gifts that the thought way outweighed the price tag. Even after all these years I still remember it. This was truly one of Billy’s shining moments!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I hope you are all enjoying the Ruby Christmas story so far. I also hope you are following the picture contest where you can win a prize. All you have to do is compare the pictures and see how they are different. You can find all the details on the WIP blog. Here is my picture. Do any of you recognize the location? Read the chapter to find out where Ruby is today.

My chapter is featured today on the WIP blog. Please follow the link to read the continuing story.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Basket of Books

Of all the Christmas decorations in my home I think my favorite is a basket of books. These aren’t just any books. These are special Christmas books that we only get out at Christmas time.  When the kids were little we would buy at least one new Christmas book each year and each day in December we would read one of those books to help us celebrate the holiday season. If you look too closely at the picture you will see that some of our books are a little worse for wear. I guess that's a sign of a well-loved book!
That basket has pretty much collected dust last couple of Christmases as the kids are all too old to sit on my lap or cuddle up on the couch with the quilt and read book after book. In time, as grandchildren are added to our family, those books will once again be responsible for hours of enjoyment.
Until then, I want to share some of my favorites with you. I've made it convenient for you by creating links for all of the books. If you see one you like, simply click on it to purchase from Amazon.

Take advantage of the season to read special books with your kids. Not only passing along the love of reading, you’re making special memories that will last a lifetime.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Ruby Christmas

Last year I had the privilege of being part of a Christmas story that was written by several different authors. We were Each given the basic premise of the story and that we wrote her chapters on her own. After that some amazing editors of the story altogether weaving the chapters making fit as if they had been written by only one author. That story was entitled "The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt". You can find that story from Amazon by following the link below.

This year I once again have the opportunity to take part in writing a chapter for a new Christmas story. This story is entitled "A Ruby Christmas. " If you enjoyed blasters Christmas story I think you will enjoy this year's just as much.

Today is the first chapter of "A Ruby Christmas."  You can find the first chapter by following this link.  Come back each day to read the next chapter of "A Ruby Christmas."  You can share the links with all of your friends who like to read and enjoy a good Christmas story. There are also some fun contests you can take part in.

I hope you enjoy!