Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Justice Game

Review of The Justice Game

By Randy Singer

To some people in today’s world, the legal system is a game. Greed is the idea behind the game in Randy Singer’s story. After a horrific shooting, leaving a woman and her unborn child dead, the husband decides to sue the gun manufacturer, sighting neglect on their part to monitor gun dealers
The two lawyers that go head to head in this case, have their own struggles. Those struggles are not made any easier when an unknown source begins blackmailing them into doing what he wants, which is not to settle this case.
Kelly Starling is a young, but not a rookie lawyer. She thought no one knew her secret until she received an email with instructions from Luthor. 
Jason Noble is a rookie lawyer, with a flair for dramatics. He thought his secret was safe with only a couple people who he trusted. Apparently not, after he received his own email from Luthor.  
Both Kelly and Jason have choices to make. Do they do what’s best for their clients? Or do they do what’s best for themselves? The careers of the lawyers and millions of dollars are at stake and someone is bound to lose.

I enjoyed this book. It's a little different than books I normally read, but a diversion is good sometimes. When I first began reading, I thought the book would be about the killer and the news reporter. However, when they both ended up dead a few pages in, I had to guess again. The story centers on the two lawyers and their own trials outside of the courtroom.
If you like crime/law suspense novels, you will probably enjoy this one. Just click on the book cover above to go directly to Amazon.