Thursday, January 28, 2016

Snow Fun?

One of my sisters after a "light" snow.
We were hit with a pretty big snow storm last weekend, big at least according to Virginia standards. Whenever it snows memories from my childhood always come to mind. Growing up in New York, there was no shortage of snow, especially since we lived near Syracuse, which holds the record of being the snowiest city in the country.

I remember one year to snow plows piled the now up so much on the corner in front of our house that my grandpa parked his car in front of it and made my brother and I sit on top of the pile so he could take a picture and show people how much snow there was.

I remember another snowy evening, okay, it was much more of blizzard-y evening (I know that's not a word!). It was shortly after Christmas and we were taking down all our decorations so the house was a complete mess. Then someone knocked on the door. My mom sent all four of us kids "the look" that we knew meant, "Cram everything possible out of site as fast as you can." And we did. Behind doors. Under the couch. In other rooms with doors we could close to hide the mess.
That visitor ended up being one of a long line of visitors that night. A man was stuck and wanted to use our phone to call a tow truck.

The tow truck came and got stuck and the man's wife had come along since it seemed like a nice evening for a ride.

A car battery blew up in an innocent helper's face.

The ambulance that came to help that guy, got stuck.

Another ambulance came and fortunately listened to directions to come around the other way.

Everyone eventually got unstuck and made their way home.

Now after it snows here, I just watch as people get stuck in front of our house on a regular basis after a little snowfall. I know it's probably mean, but I don't get out much and it's my form of entertainment. As long as no one is hurt, I'll probably continue to watch and giggle recalling snowy days gone by.

I love the memories.