Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Musings

It’s birthday season around here. Many of us dread birthdays simply because we are getting older. Some people are stuck at 39 for way more than one year. What’s one way we can make birthdays seem not so bad? Convince our kids that we are younger than we really are.

When my son was about four, I had him completely convinced that I was 22. He would proudly tell anyone that asked exactly how old I was. One year when my birthday fell on a Sunday, one of the leaders I was working with made a big deal out of it. He kept trying to guess my age. My son was sitting on the front row wildly waving his arm.

“Do you know how old your mom is?” the leader asked him.

Without batting an eyelash, my son responded, “22!”

The leader burst out laughing. You see, all anyone who knew me had to do was a little math. Besides my four year old, I also had a nine year old and an 11 year old. I suppose 22 seemed a little ridiculous. But I had my son trained!


The following summer when the Cuzzie-wuzzies (the cousins) came for their annual week-long visit. We were driving up the mountain to go camping. I was listening to the kids’ conversations in the back of the van. (Something I suggest every parent should just for the entertainment value.)

My son began what he thought was teasing me. “My mom is 22. She’s old!”

My nephew said, “She is? Wow!”

At first I thought he bought it. However, I should have known better. He was awful quiet back there, which was a sign of some deep thought process going on.

A few minutes later, he says, “But I thought your mom was older than my mom and my mom’s 28?”

It was good while it lasted. I suppose my son would have eventually figured it out on his own. Now he has no trouble keeping up at all. The only thing I have going for me is that now a lot of people don’t think I look as old as I am. I guess I’ll have to take what I can get.