Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Anniversaries are a special time to reminisce and celebrate. This week I have two anniversaries. The first is my salvation birthday. Long ago, April 11, 1977, I sat on the couch with my mother and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. It was the Monday right after Easter and some things at church made me think. Mom patiently answered all my questions and led me to the Lord while my Dad and brother were at church and my baby sister was asleep nearby in her cradle. What a blessed time of year to get to know the Lord on a much more personal level!

The other anniversary I celebrate this week is my wedding anniversary. Our story is very unusual. I was 13 at his high school graduation. When I went through the receiving line to shake hands with all the graduates, there was something electrical happening, or maybe it was spiritual. 

Shortly after I turned 14 we started dating – not something I would suggest for most girls. By the time I was 16 we were engaged – again, not something I would suggest for most girls. Three years later we were married. I can’t tell you the amount of flack we took because of our ages and our age difference, although the age difference is not that much. Now, 21 years later, so many people that made fun of us have been married and divorced at least once. What a difference it makes when God is the center of your relationship! No, not everything is always perfect, but he is perfect for me.  

I do know how blessed I was to meet my husband at such a young age. God certainly hand-picked him just for me. God has always been at work in our lives together. It is amazing to look back over the years and be able to connect the dots to see exactly what He has been doing. I am looking forward to the next 21 years with the love of my life!

A long time ago, in a galazy far, far away...

On a completely different note; I had to change my website. Here is the new link, as well as a link to the publisher where I have published my books.