Friday, February 19, 2016

Time Marches On

Today I wished a couple of friends a Happy Anniversary, an aunt a Happy Birthday, and a friend Goodbye to this life. It just reminds me that while we may want the world to stop for even a few moments to celebrate a marriage, a birthday, or a life, it won't stop. Time won't stop for anything. It has made me think about how I use my time. Do I use it wisely? Not always. That's something I need to work on.

Recording snippets of life in journals is important to me as I am an emotional writer and want to remember exactly how I was feeling at a specific time. Often those snippets become a part of my writing. So, while I may not ever be able to stop time from marching on, I can always go back and recall those moments because I took the time to write them down.

So…Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, and see you later in heaven, my sweet friend.

What about you? Do you write down things that are important to you?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Technical Difficulties

Photo by jesadaphorn
Have you ever had technical difficulties? Sure. We all have at some point or another. Sometimes life just throws technical difficulties into our days/weeks/months just to see how we will handle them. It is usually during a time of technical difficulty that I know that I am trying to do everything right and Satan is on the defensive. I know God wants me to finish what I'm doing, but it seems there is one mishap after another or something that should have taken me five minutes takes me all day, often including a frustrating call to some sort of technical support.

I know I'm not alone in this. Having worked with publishers of Christian books, I could guarantee when we were printing a book that would have an impact on people's lives. The files would all of a sudden become jumbled. The edits we had made were missing. The printers would suddenly stop working. Think I'm exaggerating? It's happened multiple times, to me and to other publishers I know personally. Something powerful is about to hit the bookshelves and Satan doesn’t like it.

Fortunately, I have God on my side. He is bigger than any problem I could ever have, and He can fix them all. The printer might need a few swift kicks before it begins working properly again, but if I put it in God's hands, it always does.

Now when these situations arise I can laugh, at least a little, and hand the situation over to God. I know that I'm a small part of something huge, and God isn't going to let a couple of technical difficulties get in His way. 

How about you? Have you ever experienced technical difficulties? Feel free to share it in the comments.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Distractions. We are all affected by them. Some distractions are good, some are bad. Since I work at home, the distractions are numerous. Having to call a non-English speaking country because the Internet went out…again…during a big book promotion: Bad. Not getting anything done all day because of babysitting a smiling, giggling little girl: Good. Having to call for quotes because our insurance company unexpectedly dropped us: Bad. The timer on the over beeping because the brownies are done and are begging to be eaten warm: Really Good.

The problem comes when we allow all those distractions to keep us from accomplishing what we need to accomplish.

A couple of my distractions.
Sometimes I need a distraction so I can just think. Quilting is one of those distractions for me. Writing is my "working" time; quilting is my "thinking" time. Mindless sewing/crafting also allows me time to pray.

Do distractions keep you from reading your Bible and praying every day? Do distractions keep you from reaching out to people in need? Do distractions keep you from fulfilling the purpose God has for your life? Maybe it's time to take a look at what goes on during your day, what takes up your time.

I find that if I make a list I can keep focused on what I truly need to be accomplish. Keeping focused on my list certainly does not prevent all the distractions that come up during the day, but it does help me to get back on track afterward.

Do distractions come up during your day? I'd love to hear how you handle them.