Monday, May 16, 2011

Conversations With Kids Part 2

This one is for all my fellow homeschooling parents out there.

One day I was trying to teach my son the importance of using punctuation. That particular day was all about commas. I had seen something on Facebook that I thought was humorous. I also thought it would help my son understand better, especially with his sense of humor. Please note – I can take no credit for the following - “”Let's eat Grandma. Let's eat, Grandma. Punctuation saves lives.”

I wrote out the two grandma sentences and showed them to my son. I explained that the correct sentence invited Grandma to eat along with us and the incorrect sentence said that Grandma was the main course.

My son started laughing and could not stop. When he finally got to where he could breathe a little bit, he said, “I'm sorry! I can just picture Grandma laying out on the table with an apple in her mouth.”

This brought forth another round of hysterical laughter. When he could finally talk again he added, “And she's all slathered in barbeque sauce! But you have to take her dentures out, first!”

And then he congratulated himself on his wit, “Man, I'm awesome!”

It took another 30 minutes before we could continue with schoolwork, but at least he knew the importance of punctuation.

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