Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Graduation Gift

It’s graduation season! I’m excited about it this year as my second child finishes her high school career. She has definitely accomplished something and since I homeschool my kids, I feel that I have accomplished something as well.   

One of our local radio stations recently had people call in with the story of the most meaningful gift you ever had ever received. Perhaps it was because graduation was on my mind, I immediately thought of my graduation present from my mother. 

She and my grandmother had been out shopping and had just returned when I got home from school. My mother asked me to help get things out of the trunk. There was a surprise waiting there for me. She had bought me an electric typewriter.  

Yes, I know, that’s no big deal these days, but it was to me then. Not only had my mom scrimped and saved to buy me a gift, that gift showed that she had faith in me and in my writing. She was supporting me. It was on that typewriter that I typed out the first article I ever sold. I have been able to work (and make money) doing something that I love doing. What a blessing it was for me to have someone that wanted to see me succeed! That was a great help in getting where I am today. 

For all of those that are graduating this year – Congratulations! Just don’t give up on your dreams. Find what makes you happy in life. If you can get paid to do that you too, will truly be blessed!

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