Monday, September 2, 2013

15 Day Bogger Challange - Day 4

What's the Latest Book You've Flung Across the Room?

First of all, I would never actually throw a book. Books are precious gifts in my mind, even if I don't particularly like the content.

Two books come to mind immediately. Since I'm not in the habit of author or book bashing I won't mention authors or titles specifically.

Book 1 - This was one I started reading several years ago. I just couldn't get into it at the time. I didn't like the author's style of writing at all! After putting the book aside for a few years I brought it out again. Well, I read the entire book through this time and I still didn't like it. Besides the style of writing, there were other issues I had with the story as well.

Definitely not a favorite.

Book 2 - This was a book I had really been looking forward to reading. I even actually bought it and paid full price for it. That didn't help the situation when as I began reading it there was content that compelled me to stop. Granted it wasn't a Christian book, which is what I normally read, and I can allow some indiscretions, but this book was too much.

It sits on my shelf unread. I can't give it away because it's trashy, and I can't throw it away because I paid good money for it.

For all the books that I read, there really aren't too many that I want to throw. I guess I'm picky about what I choose in the first place. I'll take suggestions from trusted friends and usually stick to those.

How about you? Have you ever wanted to throw a book against the wall?

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  1. There have definitely been some that I couldn't finish, either because I hate the writing style or the content. I don't throw books either. I have thrown some away because I was so disgusted with it; I won't read it and wouldn't wish it on anyone else either.