Monday, December 2, 2013

A Ruby Christmas

Last year I had the privilege of being part of a Christmas story that was written by several different authors. We were Each given the basic premise of the story and that we wrote her chapters on her own. After that some amazing editors of the story altogether weaving the chapters making fit as if they had been written by only one author. That story was entitled "The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt". You can find that story from Amazon by following the link below.

This year I once again have the opportunity to take part in writing a chapter for a new Christmas story. This story is entitled "A Ruby Christmas. " If you enjoyed blasters Christmas story I think you will enjoy this year's just as much.

Today is the first chapter of "A Ruby Christmas."  You can find the first chapter by following this link.  Come back each day to read the next chapter of "A Ruby Christmas."  You can share the links with all of your friends who like to read and enjoy a good Christmas story. There are also some fun contests you can take part in.

I hope you enjoy!

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