Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas

I have the pleasure of a job that I love. Who wouldn’t like to write and read all day? All right, I know there’s probably plenty of people that would not enjoy that, but for me, it’s next to heaven, especially this time of year when I can work curled up with a quilt next to the wood stove.

Because of my love of books, I often enjoy passing along my joys by giving them as gifts to others for Christmas, whether hard copies or ebooks. When I give a book, I feel that I am giving a gift that will last a lifetime. Once a person reads a story, it becomes a part of them. So, here are some of the favorite books I’ve read this past year. Click on the covers to go to Amazon and find out more about them and make purchases for the readers on your list.
The Shift by M. Ann Ricks
I, Saul by Jerry Jenkins
The Daughter of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky
Three By Ted Dekker
The Reunion by Dan Walsh
Belonging by Ruth O'Neil

If you are more into shorter fiction, here is a short story to help you and your family get into the holiday spirit. "Christmas at Martha's House" is a story that was written by my mother when us kids were young. I may or may not have a part in it. If you know me and my family well, you can probably pick me out. I may even be willing to tell people if anyone asks in the comments. I love this story as it brings back so many memories of Christmases past for me.

These are just a few of my favorite books. To see more, follow this link to my book review page for even more good books. What are some of your favorite books you’ve read this year? What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? I’d love to hear from you, so please share them in the comments. For anyone who shares a comment, you are automatically entered into a contest to win a small Christmas gift from me.

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