Monday, November 23, 2015

Song of the Week - "How Beautiful"

I’ve mentioned before that certain songs bring certain people to mind. This is one of them. I heard my friend Sherry sing this years ago, and when I hear it now, I never fail to see her face. Sherry is just one of the many friends I appreciate. She is the epitome of those beautiful hands and feet as she is a missionary. I am blessed to have so many friends who follow the example of Christ and work to serve, whether here at home or abroad. The service of some is a little more visible than others, but those behind the scenes, the prayer warriors, are no less important. This song is in honor of all of those friends. I would name them all, but there’s not enough room.

As you listen to the song this week, close your eyes and think of those God has put in your life that have served you in some way or another. Then think of Christ who is the ultimate example of service, the One who gave up His life for yours. How beautiful!

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