Friday, February 19, 2016

Time Marches On

Today I wished a couple of friends a Happy Anniversary, an aunt a Happy Birthday, and a friend Goodbye to this life. It just reminds me that while we may want the world to stop for even a few moments to celebrate a marriage, a birthday, or a life, it won't stop. Time won't stop for anything. It has made me think about how I use my time. Do I use it wisely? Not always. That's something I need to work on.

Recording snippets of life in journals is important to me as I am an emotional writer and want to remember exactly how I was feeling at a specific time. Often those snippets become a part of my writing. So, while I may not ever be able to stop time from marching on, I can always go back and recall those moments because I took the time to write them down.

So…Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, and see you later in heaven, my sweet friend.

What about you? Do you write down things that are important to you?

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