Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reviews of "Come Eat at My Table"

Last month I launched my new book “Come Eat at My Table.” I have received many reviews and thought I’d share some of them with you. In case you have been on the fence about purchasing a copy, maybe these will help you decide.


“This book captivated my heart and soul with the family dynamics and how they worked as a unit. Karin was a submissive wife, a loving mother and a devoted friend to all that needed her to listen to them. The girls were outgoing and sensitive at the same time to their family issues. And the dad was a supportive, loving, provider for the whole family. This book gave great insight for those who do not put their trust in Lord to really look at themselves and where their faith lies. It's also good for those who have a hard time forgiving others to look at themselves and see where they can improve in this area. It's a suspenseful book hard to put down waiting to see what happens next. A great book for all to read.”

“A breath of fresh air is how I would describe this book. As I read, I identified with the problems of the family. I loved how the vulnerability of each character is exposed. Their growth through heartache and pain was so evident and the reality of life so refreshing. What better way to show God’s unending Mercy than in the midst of the dynamics of a typical family; a family unit that could symbolize any family who struggles with day to day secrets and tragedies. It is a must read!”

“All of us have a "back story" that either makes us stronger or we succumb to it. This book made me realize the need to face it, forgive and become stronger in Christ! This is a must read, you will not regret it!”

“I've read so many good books lately and this one can be added to the list. A family with a lot of problems and the heartache they go through. I could feel the pain of the tragedies experienced. Karin is a good wife and mother but has no self-esteem that stems from her childhood and all the bad things that happened. When her husband convinces her to tell their children her story she does and healing comes about. “

“An interesting and insightful book, well written, suspenseful. A must read!”

“Ruth O'Neil's new release, Come Eat at My Table, is a delightful novel. The story tickles the heart with the sweet fragrance of humor and real life tales of sibling relationship, marriage, and a daughter's perspective of her mother. Ruth writes with a simple voice that slowly and gently warms you up to each character through daily life nuances. The lesson of forgiveness weaves in and out and culminates in a most surprising way; the last few chapters take an unexpected turn that makes your mouth drop! However, the overriding theme is hospitality at its best. Come Eat at My Table paints the picture of hospitality as love, as duty, as desire, and as healing. The main character, Karin, exudes the love of the Lord in all her interactions and reactions throughout the story. Her humble character is one to emulate. Anyone hoping for a clean story, easy to read, and full of hope and promise...then this is the next book to put in your hands!”

“This book sounded like a good read when I scanned the description. After exchanging some pleasant emails with the author, Ruth O'Neil, I was even more so looking forward to reading it. It arrived last Saturday while I was in the midst of a bunch of stuff. It was a great inducement to stop work and curl up on the couch for a long overdue break.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  For one thing, Karin reminds me much of what I try to teach my children.  There is always some way you can reach out to others if we will but try.   I love to take a meal to a family with a new baby.  But I like even more to take it to make a casserole for a grieving family.  Because there are times when you don't know what to say or what to do to ease the suffering of someone else.  But everyone needs to eat.  And, being Italian, I have the need to feed everyone.

I also liked the illustration of what a Godly marriage should be in the way Karin and her husband ministered to each other, encouraged each other and challenged each other to rise to the occasion, whatever it may be.

The way this family supported each other and took on the burdens and causes of each other was an example of what a Christian family should be in the good times and in the trials.

There is a beautiful message of the importance of forgiveness not for the sake of those who offend others but for the sake of those who are offended.  I have seen many a person, Christian and otherwise, who gave their lives over to misery because they chose to succumb to bitterness rather than to forgive someone who had hurt them.”

Thanks to all who have purchased, read and reviewed it.

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