Monday, March 11, 2013

Favorite Books

March is National Reading Month. I have always loved to read and think it’s appropriate there’s actually a “holiday” for it. I read a lot. I thought one of the things I would focus on is some of my favorite books throughout the years. I can’t tell you I have one favorite because I don’t. Even if I did, that favorite would probably change and I changed and read more. So here is a list of books that I consider worth the read.  

The Giving Tree – This was one of my favorites as a child. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was the simple drawings. Perhaps it was that the tree gave and gave of itself until it had nothing left to give. It’s a sweet story about life-long friends.


Little House on the Prairie series – This was also one of my favorites growing up. I have to admit that Laura was my hero. I wanted to be like her. I often wore my hair in braids as she did. I even dressed up like her for Halloween on more than one occasion. I watched the show religiously. If my parents ever wanted to punish me it was send me to bed early on Monday nights. I thought the world would end if I couldn’t see what Laura was up to. There is simplicity of life that keeps drawing me back to these stories. Life may have been harder for people back then, but it was simpler and more enjoyed I think sometimes.

Trixie Belden series – This was another series that I so much enjoyed reading. I would ride my bike to the library during the summer months, choose a new Trixie adventure and head off to the pool to read about it. One of my friends, who also enjoyed reading the series, would pretend we were Trixie and Honey trying to solve non-existent mysteries. These books kept my imagination going.

Harbinger – Non-fiction does not usually top my list of books that I really enjoyed reading. This one may not even necessarily fill the category of “really enjoyed” so much as kept me saying, “No way!” throughout the entire book. If you want to see the progression of the United States and where we are headed as a country, this might be a book for you.

Three Weeks with My Brother – This book is not the typical Nicholas Sparks. It is also non-fiction about a journey he took with his brother. There were times I laughed out loud when reading this one. My family would look at me as if I were nuts! Sparks mother and mine had one phrase in common, “Put a band aid on it!”


Invisible Man – This one might seem a little strange to you, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. As my kids were getting older and needed to read more difficult books for school I went back to some of the classics. I found the classics had longer sentences and a much greater vocabulary than some of the more modern books.


These are just a few of my favorites. Click on the book covers to go to Amazon if you want to purchase one of these and get yourself lost in a new book in this National Reading Month.  

What are yours? Leave a comment with some of your favorite books. It might give me something else to read!


  1. I loved the trixie books too! I saved all of mine and am hoping some day Elizabeth will want to read them.

    1. One of my daughters read a lot of them. It's great to see them reading things I enjoyed! Still praying for Elizabeth.