Friday, April 12, 2013


The longer I’m married, the more important anniversaries are to me. It seems that more and more marriages are falling apart around us while my husband and I work hard to hold together what we have. It’s not always easy – I can be extremely stubborn at times!  

While my family loved Randy, I think we did everything we could to scare him away. One of those times was when we took Randy camping with us. It didn’t end up being the trip of a lifetime for him, yet it was one none of us will ever forget. 

On the way to the campsite, we were all fooling around in the car, not thinking that anything was amiss behind us. Only after we arrived at the campsite did we realize the camper door latch was broken and the door had been hanging open for we don’t know how long. Since Randy was the last to pack, all of his belongings were just inside the door. All his stuff fell out of the camper somewhere along the way.  There was nothing we could do, all his things were lost. 

After a trip to the nearest town to at least replace his underwear, he set up his tent. He was so proud of it! He told my dad he had even waterproofed it in case of a little sprinkle. Unfortunately, that night, we got way more than a little sprinkle! It began raining during the night and by morning there was a foot of water on the ground. There was literally enough water to make it possible for not only our neighbor’s bunch of bananas to float out of his tent, but also to allow a resourceful little girl to create her own boat in the form of a Styrofoam cooler; and she was floating quite easily. 

By the time the rest of us got up, poor Randy was standing outside of his tent in the pouring rain. Immediately my mom made him come in our camper. 

“I thought my tent was waterproof,” Randy said as he stood there dripping. (Keep in mind the FOOT of water on the ground. We were basically camping in a river.)

“Why didn’t you go in the car?” my dad asked.

“It was locked.” 

My mom asked, “Why didn’t you come in the camper?”

“I didn’t want to bother anyone.” (One of his greatest fears.) 

Even with the experience Randy had on that camping trip with my family, he still decided that I was the one he wanted to marry. 

Now, after 22 years of marriage (and 27 years of being together) he still likes me.  

And we still go camping. 

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

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