Friday, April 5, 2013

Springtime Lilacs

I have always enjoyed spring. Perhaps it’s because winter was so long in NY where I grew up that being able to go outdoors without bundling up was a blessing. (Although spring seems to be slow in coming to VA this year. It snowed yesterday!)  One of the things I loved most about spring was the flowers. When the green tips of the daffodils would first peek through the soil my mom would announce that spring would indeed come despite how much it snowed after she made her announcement.

Lilacs are my favorite spring flowers probably because of a combination of their beautiful scent and their purple color. Purple is my favorite. What I wrote about lilacs in my book Come Eat at My Table was one of those things from my real life.

At the house where I grew up we had a huge lilac bush. We actually called it a tree because it was so big. Each spring the bush/tree would be full of blossoms. My mom would take some scissors out and cut a bunch of those blossoms to bring into the house. She always put them in the same white pitcher. We didn’t have any other vase large enough to hold them. That pitcher became known as “the lilac vase.” That vase, along with the lilacs, became a part of my story and my book cover.

I like all my book covers to have a special meaning to me. It doesn’t matter if no one else knows what that meaning is or not. My mom was a big part of the reason I’m a writer. Maybe I was born to be one, but she definitely encouraged me. Whenever I look at the cover of my book and see mom's lilac vase I am reminded of her and the legacy she left me.

In honor of my mom, throughout the rest of April, everyone who purchases a print copy of Come Eat at My Table will receive an ebook copy for free. Keep the ecopy for yourself and give the  print book away if you desire. This is automatic so you don’t have to do anything except order a print copy.

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