Friday, July 12, 2013

The Purple Party

Flashback Friday
Adding to the lazy, hazy days of my childhood summers was my brother’s birthday. This post is in honor of him as he celebrates yet another birthday this month.
I know that during Bible times purple was the color of royalty, but I don’t think there was anything royal about my brother’s birthday party one year. Usually kids’ birthday parties have a theme, however, it isn’t often that the theme of a boy’s party is the color purple.  But that is just what happened one year for Billy.  There was purple Kool-Aid and purple ice cream. Mom thought that black raspberry ice cream was a good idea.  It was very tasty and very purple!
Most of Billy’s friend from the neighborhood came.  There was Greg, who when I was about eight years old, had a crush on.  I did my best to get his attention.  I wore my “Hug a kid today” and “Loveable” t-shirts, hoping he would do as the t-shirts told him to.  He paid me attention all right.  He would tie my pigtails in knots!
Another of Billy’s guests was Matt.  Matt had many amazing talents.  It was during that purple party when Matt was showing off one of his more impressive talents; shoving his whole fist in his mouth.  His prominent buckteeth allowed more room for more of his hand.  He was proud of the fact that he could fit his hand all the way up to his wrist!  When food was being served in our house, he always seemed to show up and hope there was extra for him.  I guess that’s one of the setbacks of having a mother who is a good cook.  Mom used to joke about the fact that every time she cracked ice cubes for her iced tea, Matt would show up in about two minutes. 
Apparently, Matt being able to shove his fist in his mouth was humorous to the other boys because one of them started laughing so hard he laughed his purple Kool-Aid right out of his nose, adding purple snot to the party decorations. 

After the purple snot, Mom sent everyone outside so she could clean up the mess before Billy opened his presents.  While the boys were outside, they all decided it was time for Billy’s birthday spanking.  He was not a willing participant at all.  While one of the boys went across the street to get a board from the dilapidated barn to use as a paddle, the other boys chased Billy, caught him and held him down.
While most of the boys held Billy on the ground, the others took turns spanking.  I don’t remember exactly how old he was that year, but I do remember the boys weren’t all that nice about the spanking.  Who needs enemies with friends like that?  
Billy survived that party and many others to come. I hope this year’s birthday can be just as memorable.


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