Monday, January 12, 2015

Song of the Week - Francesca Batistelli's "He Knows My Name"

I love music. While I don’t have any particular talents as far as music is concerned, it always comes with good memories attached. My mom often had music playing while she did her sewing work. My sisters and I often sand in the car – there was no need for a radio – and we often put on musical numbers in the living room when my parents weren’t home. 

Now, I enjoy having music playing while I putter around the house. I turn the volume up and sing a little louder when no one is home.

I find music inspirational at times. As part of a series this year, I want to post a song of the week – at least try to. I’m not always very good at keeping up with things I set out to do.

This week my song by by Francesca Batistelli, “He Knows My Name.” In my line of work as a writer, people strive for name recognition. They are often looking for fame and fortune. I even have dreams that one of my books will make it to the big screen (Can’t hurt to dream, right?). But in the grand scheme of things, what’s really important? It’s important that I do everything I do, not just my job, to the best of my ability and to the glory of God. After all, He is the One who knows all about me. He created me, and I live for Him. I want Him to know my name.

Click below and really listen to the words of the song. This week let’s focus on getting our priorities straight, whether we are in the middle of writing the Great American Novel, negotiating movie rights, or just doing the laundry.

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