Sunday, May 17, 2015

Friends for a Season

Can you remember your first best friend? All of us can think of at least one classmate we considered our dearest friend. For me it was Eileen. We met in first grade and hit it off the very first day. I was the new kid at school and she shared her snack with me. We did everything together at school and away from school. We remained best friends until several years later when her dad’s job transferred him and the family to another city.

Over the years people have come in and out of my life. Have you ever wondered why people come and go so quickly? I have often wondered why God allowed me to get close to someone when He knew we would lose contact two weeks later.

Friends are often in our life for a season; for some purpose that needs fulfilling. There was a girl I grew close to while we were going to the same school. We ended up going to different high schools, but kept in touch because the guys we dated were relatives. We even kept up with each other for a while after we were married. During that time, I was able to help her cope with the loss of her mother. This was something I had already been through and knew what to say and what not to say. It was shortly after that we lost contact with each other and rarely spoke. I believe helping her cope with that death was why she was in my life for a season.

There was a young lady that I was mentoring. I looked forward to spending time with her at my house and taking her to church with me. After only a year, she too was gone. Once again I mourned over the loss of a close friendship. I remained disappointed until I received a letter from her in the mail thanking me for taking her to church. She told me she had not heard about God before and because of my invitation and my friendship she accepted the Lord as her Savior and was soon to be baptized. I believe her salvation was why she was in my life for a season.

There was another woman that I saw every week at church when my husband and I were newlyweds. I was having trouble dealing with one aspect of my marriage. When I voiced my concerns to her one day, she gave me one piece of advice that I have kept close to my heart to this day, as well as passed on to other young married women and now to my own daughter as they are contemplating marriage. She helped me through a difficult time. Now, even though we still live in the same town, we hardly ever speak and see each other even less. I believe saving my marriage was why she was in my life for a season.

There were a couple of friends I had in my life for a couple of years. I had been friends with both of them, but then all three of us got together and became extremely close, sharing some of the most intimate details of our lives. It wasn’t until our friendship grew and we really got to know each other that we realized how much we had in common. During those few years we wrote a devotional book together to help encourage others. After the book came out, we kind of went our separate ways for various reasons; certainly not that we meant to grow apart. While we do still speak to each other occasionally, we don’t talk on the phone and email everyday like we used to. Both of those friends were in my life for a season.

Then there have been friends who have come into my life, spent a season and left due to my convictions. These were people who realized the depth of my convictions on some topics and didn’t think they wanted to be my friend anymore. There have been friends that have come into my life and because of my convictions I have terminated the friendship, not wanting them to have any kind of ungodly influence over me.

I do believe that as Christians we need to have some friendships, or even acquaintances, with non-Christians. It is those relationships where we are truly needed. No, we don’t need to cram the Bible down their throats every time we are together, but maybe we could stand up for what we believe in by choosing not to see a particular movie or choosing not to have an alcoholic drink with our dinner. Our quiet testimony can sometimes speak volumes, more so than any words we can say.

There have been people in my life just for a season of fun or for reasons I may never know why until I am in heaven. Every one of us could think of similar examples from life. When a good friend does come into your life take advantage of it. Get to know them as well as you can. Teach them what you know. Let them to teach you a few things. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you help them. Sometimes they help you. These people also come in all different seasons of life.


  1. Hi Ruth - just wanted to let you know that we are featuring this post on the Ruby blog today. Also, every day when I schedule our blog posts, I am praying for each of our writers, so please know that I have been praying for you this morning ;o) I hope you will stop by and leave some comment encouragement for our other blogger team members. Let me know if there is anything specific we can be praying for. Have a great Monday, Nina @ Ruby for women

  2. Thanks, Nina! Prayer is always good.