Thursday, March 9, 2017

Homeschool Mom and Author Celesta Thiessen

Here is another amazing and multi-talented homeschool mom and author, Celesta Thiessen.

How long have you been homeschooling?
This is my fifth year homeschooling.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a teen, so over twenty-five years. It was about eight years ago that I started writing with the idea of getting my stories published.

What gave you the writing bug?

I first thought of being writer when I was in grade seven and my teacher read my story and laughed and laughed. I realized my words could affect people on an emotional level.

Do you remember the first story you wrote?

I wrote some fairy story in grade six that I remember. It was really long but really awesome! At least, that’s how I remember it. J

What type of books do your write?

I write mostly science fiction and fantasy for kids, teens and adults.

How do you find time to write?

I find time to write by getting up early to write. My writing time is from 5:30 to 7:15am.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Writing longer stories and novels is challenging because you have to remember everything that happens to make sure everything makes sense. Also, for those stories I often feel lost once I get to the middle and it’s difficult to push through at that point. 

Also, what I think can be even more discouraging are the feelings of self-doubt. If I let myself start thinking things like no one’s ever going to read this and no cares what I write and it’s not going to be any good anyway, then I get totally frozen, almost unable to write. The only way I can get myself unstuck at that point it to listen to worship music to get my mind into a better place.

Do your kids help with your creative process or give you ideas?

My children and I have written 7 books together. Our first series was the Kitty Castle series a set of beginning chapter books for children in grades one to four about a magical pet cat who’s the size of a tiger and can fly. The first book in the series, Nightcat, is free to download as an ebook. 

This summer we published the first book in the next series called, Journey to Mermaid Kingdom. My daughters and I enjoy making up stories together!

What is the single most significant thing you can tell us about your writing career?

That’s a hard question. My mind goes to a number of different things. Like should I tell you about my favorite books that I’ve written? Should I talk more about how I write? But then I’m drawn to why I write. So I’ll share what I have on my heart about that – my heart’s cry.
I write books for Jesus.

Can you tell us about a character in your current work in progress?

Currently I’m writing about a character named Cara. She’s adopted and she feels really alone. She wants to help people but she doesn’t really know how to do that. In this story Jesus teaches her about forgiveness and love and brings her into community so she doesn’t feel alone anymore.

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Read an excerpt from Two of a Kind.

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The Super Seven series is a series of seven super hero books for ages 10 and up. In the first book, Two of a Kind, twelve-year-old Faith, who has grown up in a home for orphans in the distant future, unexpectedly finds herself on the run with a youth named Fisher. Together, they must escape the government forces that hunt them to find hope, family and a new life. Two of a Kind is free to download from Amazon.

Chapter 1 - A Change

Faith curled up in bed and shut her eyes tightly against the darkness. She had dreamed of them again. But she never saw their faces. Silent creatures shrouded in shadows. Fear overwhelmed her. At twelve years old, Faith was still afraid of the dark and, after a nightmare, it was almost unbearable. It was like the blackness had a physical weight and was pressing down against her. But she dared not rise or make a sound, for the consequences of that would be much worse.
So she cried out for help in her mind, as she often had before. Please help me! Please save me! Please help me! Please save me! After a time, she felt her fears fading, and she felt a pinging in her heart. Faith liked to fancy that someone heard her pleas. Finally, sleep found her. And she dreamed no more of them that night.
When Faith awoke, she felt something different. There was a tension in the air. A change was coming. Silently, she rose and ate the prescribed gruel that had been deposited by her bedside. Then she showered quickly and donned a clean, gray smock, which was her usual uniform. 
Her handler entered her small chamber.
“Here,” she said, tossing a pink, frilly frock onto the bed. “You will wear this today.”
Faith gazed at the pretty thing. She had never before been given anything so lovely.
Her handler turned on her heel and left the room without another word.
Faith touched the dress. All lace and silk. Quickly, she took off the smock and pulled the frilly thing down over her head. The dress was snug. Faith moved to see herself in the mirror. Her golden curls were almost dry and startling blue eyes stared back at her. Pink was a good color on her, she decided. She looked so...grown up. 
Faith heard the door sliding open. Her handler was back.
“Let’s go,” the woman snapped.
Faith followed her. They did not go to the classrooms or other training areas as Faith had expected. Instead she was led outside, on to the grounds. There, standing in a row on the grass near the parking lot, were four other girls. They were also dressed in beautiful gowns. She was made to join them. Faith felt that they, too, were confused. The director of the home was there, too. Faith looked at him. He seemed...pleased. What is happening?, she cried in her mind. Then Faith saw a group of about forty people approaching from the parking lot. There was excitement among them. 
When the people got close, they stood and watched the girls. 
“The highest offer takes the prize,” said the director. “And please, don’t ruffle the merchandise.” 
So, that was it. They were now to be sold.
Faith looked into the crowd of faces and was afraid of what she felt there. Then her eyes locked onto stunning, blue eyes in the face of a lanky teen. He was staring at her. His too-long blond hair hung down past his ears in clumps. She felt a rush of something as he slowly approached her. The other people seemed not to notice him. 
He was close to her now, looking at her intensely. Then he drew an iScan from his pocket and directed the beam towards her. It chirped and the girl beside her startled and looked around.
“I didn’t really need a scan to tell me,” he said. “It’s you!” He shoved the device back into his pocket. “I’m Fisher.” He grabbed her hand. “Let’s go.”
Faith thrilled at his touch. Fisher was very tall and strong. He wanted her and...he was saving her!
She felt confusion from those around them.
“Hey!” shouted the director. “What’s going on here?”
The crowd was agitated and looking around. Fisher led her past the people. No one tried to stop them. They ran full out through the parking lot. He was pulling her so fast. Faith stumbled, her long dress hampering her stride. Fisher never slowed, only yanked on her arm to keep her from falling.
Faith was wheezing now and had a cramp in her side. She had never run so far before in her whole life. Fisher slowed to a walk as they entered a stand of trees but he kept hold of her hand.
“What just happened?” Faith gasped. 
“You’ve been calling to me for months now,” he said. “I just had to save you.”
Her blue eyes widened. She realized that, since she had first seen him, she had been feeling that same pinging feeling in her heart. Their walking slowed, yet still he held her.
“You’re wondering how I heard you, when you were alone in the dark, aren’t you?”
He glanced down at her and saw her regarding him with wide-eyed astonishment. 
“It’s okay,” he said. “You’re safe with me. You can speak freely.”
All her years growing up, Faith had been carefully disciplined for any breaches in protocol. They were constantly reminded that orphans must be obedient and strive to become of worth to society. 
“You’re worth far more than you know,” he told her quietly. 
The trees were thinning now. Fisher stopped. He released her hand and sat down on the cool, damp grass, with his back against a large oak trunk.
“Sit down,” he said. 
Faith complied instantly, tucking her pink ruffled skirt beneath her. She sat facing him, gazing into his face.
He smiled shyly, then blushed. “I’m not used to girls looking at me,” he explained. “I’m not really used to girls at all.” 
Faith nodded. She had grown up in an all-girls home for orphans. The only men she had ever seen where the teachers and the director...and those who were in the crowd that they had just left behind.
“Why did they not stop us?” she asked him, finally.
“Oh, that! I was in stealth mode,” he explained.
Faith said nothing, only raised her eyebrows.
“Here,” he said, “look.” He took a green apple out of his pocket and set it on the ground between them. 
She looked at the apple. Then suddenly it sprang up and jumped towards her. Faith gasped and caught it in her hands. She looked at Fisher. 
“I did that,” he said, smiling. “You can learn it, too.”
Faith felt the pinging in her heart stronger than ever. It was almost a thrumming now. She felt safe with Fisher.
“Eat the apple,” he told her, “and then rest. You’ll need your strength. We’ll wait here until dark. Then we will run again.” She bit into the apple. It was sweet and crisp. 
“How do you know I can learn to do that?” she asked him, after she swallowed.
He looked deep into her eyes. “We are two of a kind.”


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