Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book of the Day with Author Tammy Doherty

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If you enjoy reading inspirational romance, than today's Book of the Day Author, Tammy Doherty, is for you! I asked her a few questions about her book. See if it's one that you might like to add to your TBR pile.

Tell us a little about your book.

She's Mine is an inspirational romantic suspense, set in a small town in central Massachusetts. It tells the story of Caitlin Harrington who has just moved back to her childhood home to take a new teaching job. Just in time to get away from Adam, the guy who has proven Caitlin was right when she vowed never to get married and therefore never to date. Now someone is leaving ominous notes on her door. Could it be Adam? Sean Taggart is attracted to Caitlin, but a failed engagement taught him to guard his heart. Despite Caitlin's aloof attitude, Sean's convinced she needs protecting. When he finds out the truth, can he rescue her before stalking turns to murder?

What gave you the idea/inspiration for this book?

I started with the premise of a young woman who was an "ice princess" in school. What would make her aloof? Why would she not want to meet and marry the man of her dreams? I explored the possibilities related to growing up with parents whose hate for each other left no room for loving their children. So many children today are divided between parents and too many are nothing more than pawns or, worse, a nuisance, to their parents. Caitlin's childhood history grew from these observations. After that, her behavior came naturally in reaction to the situations I placed her in.

Once I created Caitlin, I knew the next logical step was to have her meet and fall in love with the man of her dreams. But there needed to be a big obstacle to overcome and since I don't write "just" romance, I knew there needed to be a mystery or suspense element that Caitlin and Sean would have to face. That's when the idea came to me: Caitlin only dated  one guy who she thought of as just a friend but he thinks she belongs to him. And that's when the character of Adam took flight.

What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

Caitlin struggles with the idea that God is always with her. She gets wrapped up in her own worries and fears, forgetting to rely on the Lord. It's such an easy thing to do. I hope my readers will see that when Caitlin turns to God, lays her anxiety at His feet and lets Him guide her, things are much better. Sean has a similar problem. He wants to be in control of his life. Yet it isn't until he lets God be in control that happiness can be reached.

There's also a double meaning to the title. Caitlin's stalker feels that she belongs to him. He warns Sean, "She's mine." In truth, Caitlin belongs to the Lord. As He orchestrates her life, he proclaims, "No, she's mine."

Are any of the characters like you or someone you know?

There is some of me in the characters. When I was younger, until senior year in high school in fact, I didn't date and never wanted to get married. Of course, my life went much differently than Caitlin's. I met my now husband during my senior year, we dated for two years then got married. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with worries and anxieties, fear about the future bashes at my faith. I've learned to fight back, to forcefully refocus on the Lord, in those times. I think we can all relate to that aspect of Caitlin.

I would love to include a little ditty about why you wrote this book, a funny story about something that happened while you were writing, a difficulty you had while writing, or simply a word to your readers.

I wrote three historical novels before deciding to try contemporary romantic suspense. "They" say write what you know, so I decided to set my new stories right here in my back yard.Here's an interesting little tidbit about the restaurant Sean takes Caitlin's named after my childhood babysitter! Claudia has become a friend now that I'm all grown up. She once owned and ran a pub-style restaurant here in town; it seemed natural to call the eatery in my story "Claudia's" in her honor.

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  1. I can't wait to read your newest novel...having been your babysitter and friend for many years, and growing up in North Brookfield, it will be very nice to see where your story goes. I wonder if there will be anything else that I recognize ! Kudos, Tammy. All of us that know and love you, wish you well....Keep on writing !

  2. Thank you for visiting, Claudia!! And for the very kind words. That's the encouragement a writer needs to keep on writing :-)

  3. I hope this is the beginning of a new series, it is fun reading about places I almost recognize.

  4. With what you've written here, this sounds like a very exciting book!! I already love the fact the I live in the same town as "Claudia's"!!! This book is definitely on my list of books to buy after the holidays!! :)

    1. Congratulations! You won the free book! Please send me your email so we can send it to you.

    2. Thanks so much!! My email is

  5. This is a great book. I've already read it on my KINDLE! And guys, there is a LOT of THRILLER in this romantic suspense. The stalker who is after Kaitlyn is truly scary and the plot takes incredible twists and turns. I never figured out what was going on with the stalker until the very end. I wouldn't mind winning a copy of the paperback to share with those who don't do E-books :-), but whether I win the copy or not, I WON by reading "She's Mine!"

  6. I read this book in 2 days on my kindle. I usually avoid reading romances as I find them boring. However I enjoyed reading this book because it was well written and had enough suspense to hold my interest. It was also fun to read about familiar landmarks and events in the Brookfields. Excellent job Tammy!