Monday, July 20, 2015

Just One More Thing

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I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel like I struggle with laziness. I’m not sure if it’s that I am in fact lazy, or that I’m disappointed at the end of the day when I haven’t been able to cross everything off my list.(I’m definitely a list maker!) I don’t know if it’s because I work at home, that sometimes it’s easy to get distracted from work. I’m a writer, editor, and book reviewer. All of those cause me to sit. Either way, it’s something I’ve taken to God. Over the last several months I’ve prayed each morning for productive day, free of laziness.

God has helped me by nudging me to do “one more thing.” Each day, when I attempt to sit and do nothing, I tell myself, “one more thing” and I find one more thing to accomplish. Then there is that afternoon slump. There are many afternoons I feel like I could simply lay down and take a nap. Because I work at home it would be so easily done. The one good thing about me is that I’m not a nap taker. I never actually sleep and I feel worse after I get up so I don’t even bother trying. Instead, I use my afternoon slump as an opportunity to do one more thing. I know that if I get up and move around, I can work my way through the slump.

It often ends up that more than one thing gets done. For instance, tonight, after dinner it would have been easy to simply clean the kitchen and call it a night. But, I knew I needed to put some bread in the oven to prepare for tomorrow night’s dinner. Before cleaning, I put the bread in the oven to do its thing while I cleaned. Two birds, one stone.

Then, as I was pulling the bread off the pantry shelves to cut up for stuffing, I realized it wouldn’t take much more to move all the items on the shelf so I could wake them down and give them a good scrubbing, which they had needed for a while.

Now, I sit here writing this blog post. Instead of quitting, I’ve accomplished three more things that can be removed from tomorrow’s list. And that makes me feel better. Don’t misunderstand me, being lazy once in a while isn’t a bad idea. In these hazy, days of summer, there’s nothing more I enjoy than time at the pool. Being lazy once in a while is probably necessary for sanity’s sake.

Being wives and mothers takes up so much of our time, but let’s use that time to the best of our ability. We will never have EVERYTHING done. That’s just the way life works. Examine your life today, maybe you need to do that one more thing.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get some watermelon for a snack.…hmmm…maybe the fridge needs to be cleaned out.


  1. Hi Ruth - just wanted you to know that I've posted this on the Ruby blog today and linked back here to your blog. Thanks for sharing! Please stop by the Ruby blog when you take your afternoon "break" ;o) and visit some of the other team members' posts. Have a great Monday! Nina @ Ruby for Women