Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meet Leo

I haven’t done a Real Life post in a while and thought it was time. I had actually forgotten about it until one of my son’s friends reminded me. I usually have stories about people stopping by
my house to use the bathroom, but not this time.

Last summer, I was busy working when my husband came home for lunch. After he left, he sat in his truck outside the house for a few minutes. I didn’t really think anything of it as this is normal for him. When the phone rang, I answered.

“Lock the door, quick!”

It was him. I saw a woman just standing in front of our house looking at it. For those of you who have never been to our house, it’s pretty much all open, especially during the summer. The curtains are open, the windows are open.

I quickly went to do as my husband requested. I barely made it. The woman was at my front door trying to open it. I didn’t even have time to lock it, so I just held the lock so she couldn’t enter without knocking. I scrunched down on the floor by the door so she couldn’t see me if she tried to look in.
Leo, in his spot by the front door.

My husband got out of his car and asked her if she needed something.

“I’m looking for Leo.”

“Leo doesn’t live here.”

“Oh, I was told he did.”

“This is my house and there’s no Leo here.”

Finally the woman stumbled away.

My husband came in and got out a cane and put it by the door. “Just in case you have trouble later.”

My son decided to name the cane Leo. If anyone comes to our house looking for Leo, they may find him.

Yes, this is a true story. And people wonder why I'm a writer!

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