Sunday, July 19, 2015

Song of the Week - "Words"

There seems to be an awful lot of word slinging lately, sometimes in surprising places. Everyone has an opinion about everything and they aren’t afraid to share it not matter how they sound or who they hurt. Yes, I have definite opinions about everything that’s happening in the news; however, I don’t scream my opinion to everyone on the Internet. I think most people who know me, know exactly where I stand on many of these issues. If someone wants to sit down and have a discussion (without bashing and hollering) I would be glad to. When you scream your opinion at everyone, soon everyone stops listening.

Words are something we use on a daily basis. I use mine for work. I want my words to be carefully chosen. I know that sometimes the words that come out of my mouth are not the ones that should. I think that’s why I enjoy writing…I can go back and scribble out the words that shouldn’t be there. Unfortunately, I can’t do that with my mouth.

This week, listen to the song, and then go out and make it a point to be careful with your words. Wherever you stand on many of the issues facing society today, don’t let your words be hurtful. You want to bring people to Christ with your words, not push them away. There will always be disagreements on issues, even among Christians, but don’t let that ruin your testimony. 

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