Monday, August 24, 2015

Song of the Week - "Called Me Higher"

As believers we are called to work. I know, “work” is not always a nice word. Once we accept Christ, we could stay where it’s always safe. We could stay were we are familiar with our surroundings. We could stay where there are no surprises. But then again, when you actually think about it, what’s the fun in that?

God has a mission for each of us. We need to fulfill that mission. If we ignore Him, our lives could be miserable. I could have ignored the call of God on my life to write. It was hard trying to work with little kids running around the house. It was even harder while I was homeschooling all three of them. But I persisted, and God has blessed. Every time someone lets me know how something I’ve written has touched their life in a positive way, it gives me confirmation that I’m doing what He wants me to do. Those moments of confirmation are few and far between, but always when I need it.

What has God called you to do today? Are you doing it?

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  1. I believe that when you "speak the truth in love," you are doing good. This is not limited to Christians. When God created, God did not put people into church boxes. We are children of the cosmos, and isn't that wonderful? Thanks.

    1. I agree! We should all speak the truth in love. Unfortunately, that's not always how it comes out.Thanks for stopping by!