Monday, August 3, 2015

Song of the Week - "I Shall Not Want"

Every day I see and hear statements like these: “You deserve it!” “You can have it all!” “Buy now, pay later!” There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with these statements per se, however, the idea has gone too far. We don’t deserve everything. Sometimes you have to work a little harder for something you want so you don’t have to “buy now and pay later.” Paying later usually comes with consequences – and I’m not just talking about financial consequences.

The one thing we really don’t deserve is God’s love, yet it is there for us every moment of our lives. We can have it all in Christ. We don’t have to buy or pay for anything. The price has already been paid for us. Maybe once we realize that deep down in our hearts, we truly will not want what this world has to offer.

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