Saturday, August 22, 2015

With Deepest Sympathy

Not too long ago I received one of the strangest and saddest phone calls ever. It was an older gentleman with whom I used to work. We started our employment at just about the same time and after the business shut down we kept in touch somewhat, seeing each other around town on occasion.
He was a widower and found his second wife who also worked with us. They shared several years together as a married couple, but then she passed away. That was the reason for the phone call. John called to thank me for the sympathy card I had sent.

“You are the only one who sent a card.”

I was flabbergasted. Even after retiring from the pulpit he still did some preaching, sometimes fairly regularly in churches. I found it extremely sad that no one else bothered to send condolences.

It was a good thing he asked me a questions after he made his statement, because I had no words. I didn’t know what to say. I almost felt like sending him another sympathy card, this time being sorry for people being so lousy.

Years ago I made it a point to always have a box of sympathy cards on hand. Friends, family, and church members would have a loved one pass away and I didn’t normally have a card I could send. By the time I would get to the store to buy one, it might be a week or two later. For some reason to me, sending a sympathy card that late just doesn’t seem right.

For us as Christians, we need to be there for others. We need to let them know they are on our minds. Cards are an inexpensive and easy way to do just that.

Here’s a challenge: Go buy several boxes of cards (birthday, thinking of you, get well, and of course, sympathy). Keep them on hand for when things come up in your social circles. Doing this one simple thing truly means a lot to someone who is hurting. If you doubt me, start sending out some cards. People will let you know how much it means.

Let’s be there for others and show them the love of Christ.

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