Friday, August 30, 2013

15 Day Blogger Challange - Day 3

Who Are Your Blogging BFF's?

I have to admit I'm not that great about keeping up with my own blog let alone anyone else's. It's too easy to get sucked into reading the many good blogs out there and before I know it half the day is gone and I've accomplished nothing - except to read some excellent blogs.

However, there are a few blogs I do try to keep up with. I have listed their links below in hopes that you will visit and enjoy them as much as I do.

I "met" Jenny several years ago when she reviewed a book my mom wrote. Jenny is just a personable lady to me. I enjoy perusing her blog and getting ideas of books to read next. We also share a love of history. While she lives on the other side of the globe, I do hope that maybe someday in our travels we will meet up. I think we could spend an entire weekend talking and not run out of things to say.

Jan is an acquaintance of mine that I wish I knew better. I like Jan's posts because she is all the things I'm not. Her ideas and recipes would be all the things I would post on Pinterest, if I had a Pinterest account, and would never actually do. Go check out her blog for some truly unique and interesting ideas.

I have known Kate the longest. In fact, I have a hard time typing Kate as opposed to Katie, which is how I first knew her. She is like family to me. Her blog is a recent creation of hers and I love it! I love her writing style. Her stories always suck me in and make me stay until the end. Kate takes stories from the Bible and makes them understandable and more personal to everyone. You can find her new blog at:


  1. Thank you for the mention! I love that blogging has helped me discover that there are people right around me with similar interests. Now, we need to all get together and make things! :)

  2. You can do a homeschooling for moms kind of class. I'd come!

  3. I was reluctant to start one, but now that I have, I found I actually enjoy it. I have enjoyed reading those of my friends as well.