Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Song I Knew by Heart

Book Club Wednesday

This past month our book club read A Song I Knew by Heart by Bret Lott. I have to admit – this was not my favorite book. It intrigued me because it was a modern day retelling of the story of the biblical Naomi and Ruth. Not too far into the book I had to separate this story from the real thing. I thought that might make the story a little better, but not so much!
I know the writing style is subjective, but I didn’t really like this particular author’s style. I understand he was trying to make her sound southern and use that vernacular, but this Yankee girl had trouble reading it. I found Naomi’s conversation somewhere between Yoda and Jacob Two-Two. Some sentences were worded backwards and many more were repetitive.
However, there were some nice moments in the book where the relationship between Naomi and Ruth was obvious.

At Book Club - I have discovered, after years of reading books together, that the ladies in Book Club are pretty united when it comes to liking or not liking a book. This was definitely a favorite of the group. But reading sometimes forces you to open your eyes and really think about what you believe and why you believe it. This book brought on some good discussion among us.

If this is a book you might like to read, here is a link to it on Amazon.

Next month’s book is Same Kind of Different as Me

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  1. I have thoughts of doing a story of Ruth and Boaz as a sequel to the Rahab story I am working on. I may have to read this one to get someone else's viewpoint of the friendship.

  2. It's a modern day story and the focus isn't all about their relationship. This would definitely be a different viewpoint from yours. I have been taking notes about writing a Ruth/Rahab story. Hmmmm, we might have to work together on something!!!