Friday, August 9, 2013

Sisterly Love

Flashback Friday

Today’s flashback is all about sisters. There is something about the bond between sisters that is truly special. Sometimes sisters may not like each other, but there is always love. No one is allowed to pick on your little sister except you. Big sisters have a strong defense mechanism when it comes to little sisters, I know. I tell my daughters that they will one day be best friends. I'm not sure they believe me right now, but I have faith the day will come.

Here are a few stories about the Doner sisters.
Disclaimer – Some stories have had names removed so I can remain in their good graces.

Sisterly Love
They call Philadelphia the city of brotherly love. I think Jordan was the town of sisterly love. Sisters give each other certain annoyances and I had two sisters so that was two times the annoyances. One of my pet peeves was that when it was one sister in particular’s turn to do the dishes, she always left some, especially if it was her last day (we had dish duty for a week at a time). That way she wouldn’t have to do everything and the next sister would have to finish up her undone chores.

Where's my underwear?

One sister got on another sister’s nerves by taking her clothes and wearing them even the undies!

You Want One of These?
There was one time Martha and Sarah were fighting about something. It was probably nothing really important in the grand scheme of life. As soon as Sarah left the room, Martha opened her big mouth and said something else to upset her. Sarah came sliding across the carpet back into the room with her fists up to Martha’s face and asked, “Do you want one of these?” Of course, she was probably about six at that time so she wasn’t very threatening, not that she's threatening now, either. Martha and I both burst out laughing and laughed till our sides hurt. Sarah just had to walk away madder and more annoyed than before. We still laugh about it to this day, at least Martha and I do.

Another annoying, not to mention disgusting habits of one of my sisters, was biting her toenails. Every once in a while, we would be watching TV and look over and there she would be chomping away and spitting them out just like someone would chomp at their fingernails. Fortunately she grew out of that habit.

Food Fights

Then there was the dinner table. After mom and dad excused themselves to go and watch the news, we would have food fights. That is how we disposed of the food we didn’t want to eat. We were always eager to sweep the floor after dinner to sweep up all the peas that either rolled down towards mom end of the table or the ones that were quietly thrown when mom and dad couldn’t see. We swept carefully to get rid of the evidence.
One night we had tuna noodle casserole. One sister had been getting on my nerves all day. She pushed me far enough for me to push her face right into her dinner. She came up dripping with noodles and a pea rolling out one of her nostrils. She didn’t bother me for the rest of the night.

Best Friends

I’m sure everyone who has sisters has similar stories. While my little sisters may have annoyed me from time to time when we were kids, today these women are my best friends. I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with them as I would like, but they are always close to me in heart.

I'm not really THAT old; Civil War events where we dressed up was just one of the things my parents subjected us to. I blame them for my love of history.

                                Christmas around 1980

Obviously this sister and I don't have a "no pics on the Internet pact" as I do with my other sister. I'm not too worried; this sister never gets online to see it! And really, what's she going to do about it? Beat me up???
Here is a better picture of me and my "pactless" sister. See, I can be nice. 

My sisters and our mom on my wedding day, April 13, 1991. This is our last picture all together.


  1. My sisters are my best friends. I did want a brother, just to liven things up. I got smarter as time went on. Now I have brother's-in-law and that is quite enough thanks.

  2. Yes, God blessed me with an overabundance of brothers-in-law myself.